Re-Write Your Life Story with this Mantra Meditation

Sirgun Kaur

The Mul Mantra transforms your self-concept. Chanting this for 11 minutes a day brings much needed clarity for "re-writing" your life story. Whatever labels you've attached to yourself, whatever limitations or habits... you can use this mantra to REFRESH, RESTART, and RE-WRITE your story. Your destiny is a series of choices. Choose deliberately.

Ik Ong Kar, Sat Naam, Kartaa Purkh, Nirbao Nirvair, Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhang Gur Prasaad, Jap.

Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhee Such, Naanak Hosee Bhee Such.

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  1. 1 Mul Mantra (11 minutes) 11:50