Khalsa: Living According to Your OWN Light

KHALSA means "one who lives according to their own light." It is ironic to me that this term has come to mean a regimen of strict practices, belief systems, and dress. Where you are directed by your own light, you will KNOW what to do. Where you are trying to conform to a standard laid out for you by someone external to you, you will naturally drown out your light to conform. To me, Sikhism was meant to signal a new age of spirituality at a time when people were arguing over their beliefs, practices, and general understanding of how reality works.

Sikh, or "student", was one who recognized that there singular job on planet Earth was to remember who they truly are. The tool of NAAM was given in order to bring the mind back to what is true--our inner light, our inner guidance. For a while, I have thought of NAAM as simply a vibration of remembrance, which could be a thought that aligns with who you truly are ("what a beautiful day!" is an example), a feeling of gratitude, an overwhelming sense of peace, or an actual melody and/or words sung in recognition of YOU as Source.

The time has come to expand our idea of what spirituality is. It does not look a certain way. It does sound a certain way. It does not act a certain way. But it certainly FEELS a certain way. It feels FREAKIN' AMAZING! And any action taken from THAT space will take you further on the path to understanding the magnificence of who you truly are!

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