Private Coaching

Work one-on-one with Sirgun. Sirgun will guide you towards perspective shifts that will get you feeling better, as you push through fears & self-imposed limitations, to live a courageously inspired life! Together you will put together a daily spiritual practice that makes sense for your specific needs. 


8-Week Bootcamp

Joshua's Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp
An 8-week program channeled by Gary Temple Bodley

I am so excited about this material, and this new approach to life, that I have joined forces with Gary as a COACH for this transformative program. When you're ready to learn to how to actually engage Law of Attraction  in your life, how to process your limiting beliefs (i.e. feel better about everything), and finally embrace your emotions as superpowers, email me directly for more information: info @

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Email info @ for the FREE 7-Day Course:
How to Radically Raise Your Vibration by Uncovering and Processing Limiting Beliefs