Sirgun Kaur

Yoga Phoenix, 1197 E Oak, Phoenix, AZ

When the clutter clears, happiness is what floats to the surface. It is our natural state—our default setting. Children know it feels good to feel good. They seek it above anything else. They know that anything less is simply unacceptable. As we “grow up” we learn to settle for less than what we want, and we are taught to see this as noble. It is not. We have forgotten that we are vibrational powerhouses. We have the capacity to tune our body instruments to the frequency of our highest potential. We have the capacity to focus intently on this potential, and allow it to unfold before our knowing hearts and eyes. Happiness is the point. Happiness is the path. And Happiness is where we’re all headed. It’s time to reclaim it! This workshop will utilize mantras and meditations given by Yogi Bhajan to vibrationally attune us to the highest and brightest version of our SELF. All levels of experience are welcome, as well as all levels of happiness. Come as you are. Live music and instruction will be provided by sacred songstress Sirgun Kaur. Monica Page Subia on guitar and backing vocals!

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Early bird registration $50 At the door registration $55

Light snack and Yogi Tea will be served!