NOW = July 6, 2018

Do you know how a thought becomes a thing? Until I started listening to Abraham-Hicks I really didn't understand it myself. I had heard of law of attraction and thought I understood it... but I didn't.

:: It all starts with VIBRATION ::

You cannot talk about attraction, or creation for that matter, without talking about vibration. Everything is vibration. You. Me. Earth. The Universe. My refrigerator. My dog. It's all vibration. The only reason anything seems solid, or smells sweet, or sounds loud, is because we are perceivers (and interpreters) of vibration. We do this through our sensory system. Our most useful sense, however, is EMOTION.

Emotion is our guidance system. It lets us know how far (negative emotion), or how close (positive emotion), we are to being in alignment with our Inner Being.

See, we not only have this aspect that seems physical--our body--we also have an unseen part of us, which is INFINITE. This infinite part is constantly expanding thanks to our life experience, and the questions that it inspires in us. Those questions are immediately answered by our Inner Being. BUT we can only receive them once we are vibrationally attuned to them. So we must evolve to meet the vibration of the solution that is waiting for our vibrational readiness. 

:: TUNING Yourself ::

So the way a thought becomes a thing is a matter of tuning. We must btune to the frequency of our Inner Being (POSITIVE THOUGHT) in order to receive the solution (THING) we have requested. 

For example, say you want a new car. It's not a matter of thinking about a new car all the time. Or saying "I will get a new car", when you don't really believe it. You can't fake vibration! The Universe only needs to be asked once. It's done. You asked, it's given... well, vibrationally anyway. It only becomes something you can SEE when your vibration matches the vibration of NEW CAR.

So what is the vibration of NEW CAR? Well, it's excitement when you see the car in your driveway, it's how you feel when you drive with the windows down, it's the joy you get when you open the door and see the beautiful new interior, it's the freedom of listening to your music on a roadtrip... All those are emotions. And you can feel them NOW. 

What we call "genius" on this planet is exactly what I have just described. It is someone who has an idea that they believe so faithfully that the idea MUST become reality. That is the law of attraction. 


I had a first hand experience the other day that made this all very clear to me. Expectation is like when you order something from Amazon and you know it's on its way. Every day when you go out to our mailbox, you check to see if it has arrived. When it hasn't, you think "oh well, I'll check tomorrow." It doesn't get you depressed. You don't worry that the box will never come. You don't complain about how it isn't coming. You ordered it. Even if it gets delayed or lost... all you have to do is call Amazon and have them fix it. You have trust in the laws of postage and you let the box arrive in its own time.

Well, if you think Amazon is reliable, wait until you try LAW OF ATTRACTION!

(As an aside, when you tell the story of "box isn't coming" or complain about how long it is taking, all you are doing is tuning your vibration to LACK OF BOX. In this example, don't focus on the absence of your box... focus on the fact that it is on its way!) 

So, if you were interested in manifesting something into your life, expect it like an Amazon package. You ordered it from The Universe, so it must come. Start with something that is easy to believe for you, because your allowance/resistance is a huge factor is how quickly things will be CREATED for you.

:: Did You Get That? ::

So, to recap, we do not live in a Universe of assertion. You cannot simply say "new car" and wave a magic wand and get the things you want in your life, whether they be material or otherwise. You must elevate your vibration (got mantra?) to match the vibration of your answer/solution/thing. Your answer is calling you to RELAX, be KIND to yourself, LAUGH often, find the GOOD in people, and have FUN. All of these EMOTIONS are indications that you are on the path to your manifestation, sure, but best of all, that you are on the path to HAPPINESS. And from happiness comes all the good in life. 

And that is why I teach my workshop, RECLAIM YOUR HAPPINESS, by the way. :-)



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