New Podcast Episode with J Brave

So excited to share this conversation with y'all!
J Brave is here to touch, move, and inspire others to remember their divine nature. This former counselor for Homeless and At-Risk youth uses his music as a vehicle for service. He…

Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul) - Harmonium Lead Sheet

New harmonium chord sheet available here:
If you would like some extra support learning this or any mantra I know, you can book a music lesson here:

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Coronavirus: Message of Love

Remember, LOVE is what you truly are. Let's examine what that means at a time when we are free to choose either extreme: FEAR or LOVE. As we move more towards a reality based in love, we will have to…

Khalsa: Living According to Your OWN Light

KHALSA means "one who lives according to their own light." It is ironic to me that this term has come to mean a regimen of strict practices, belief systems, and dress. Where you are directed by your own light, you…

A Message from Sara: Letting Go

QUESTION: Could I please for guidance in helping my mom transition, and helping the family cope? I’m not sure if it’s her final chapter or second to last—she’s got dementia, is down to about 90 pounds, barely eats. She’s 85


We don't want a life that LOOKS good. We want a life that FEELS good. Right? How do we cultivate that?

The next Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp begins Monday, November 5th. You can email me directly for details, or check out…

New Single: THIS IS THE WAY!

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” -Rumi
I was inspired to write my own lyrics along this theme for Songs Of Eden and mine’s newest single released TODAY.

In my own words...
When dusk gets distraught