We don't want a life that LOOKS good. We want a life that FEELS good. Right? How do we cultivate that?

The next Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp begins Monday, November 5th. You can email me directly for details, or check out…

New Single: THIS IS THE WAY!

“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” -Rumi
I was inspired to write my own lyrics along this theme for Songs Of Eden and mine’s newest single released TODAY.

In my own words...
When dusk gets distraught

Are You Afraid to Shake Things Up?

Photo by Mareesa Sterz I loved this question and answer so much because I had a similar situation a few months ago. I contacted someone who had meant a lot to me. I was inspired to send a friend request…

Sensitive = Powerful :: HERE'S WHY...

Why is sensitivity powerful? Because emotions are our Cosmic GPS. Emotions simply indicate how far, or how close, our current perspective is compared with the highest perspective of our Soul. Imagine your Soul could communicate with you... well, it can…

Socializing vs. Connecting... A Question to Sara

I loved this question/answer because it deals with connecting to each other in an authentic way. We place undo importance on "socializing" with people, where when we are looking for is an actual connection--first and foremost--to who we truly are.

How to MERGE -- Answered by Sara

QUESTION: Are you able to tell HOW I focus on myself to make myself happy / enlightened and relaxing myself with my own mission here on earth? I’m not entirely sure what my mission even is. We’re told it’s to

A Question about Disturbing Thoughts

A question to Sara about disturbing thoughts. QUESTION: I have a repetitive unwanted thought that keeps intruding on my mind. And that is, "I want to die." I don't really want to die, but the thought keeps coming. How do

Enlightenment, Channeling, Oh My! -- A Question for Sara

I have a big question for Sara. I’ve been contemplating that in ancient times, certain individuals like Christ, Krishna and Buddha achieved enlightenment. Meanwhile, in modern times, there are individuals who channel non-physical entities (or stream) like Abraham, Sara,

A Message from Sara

~ TODAY'S CHANNELLED MESSAGE IS ABOUT KIDS ~  I have been channeling a group of non-physical beings called "Sara" for a few months now. This is the first question from someone other than myself I have ever been inspired to

Re-Thinking Family Relationships

Greetings Dear One, I haven't updated my blog in a while and just right now I was inspired to change that.

What's on my mind today? Family relationships.

I am sitting on a red velvet couch in my mother's guest…