3 Tips for Yoga Mamas

Sat Naam Yoga Mama If you're like me, integrating my yoga practice into my family life has been a learning process. I've learned some things along the way about being a yogi and a mama that I want to share…

Beginner-Friendly Harmonium Lead Sheet || Guru Ram Das

Greetings Friend, I did it! I completed something I think will be very useful for those of you learning harmonium:

Beginner-friendly lead sheets for my version of "Guru Ram Das."

The video explains the sheet, and how to use it…

The Piano Split

Greetings Greatness Personified, This is a picture of me with my friend, the piano. The reason this piano is in my home in Phoenix, and not in Connecticut, where it used to belong, is thanks to a split.

A split…

The Make Believe Life || Kids Are Geniuses

Greetings Creative Genius, Today I have "make believe" on the mind. As I write this, my children are outside on our trampoline making "phone calls" with a cordless handheld phone that isn't connected to anything.

Kids are great at this…

Radical Appreciation

Greetings Friend, Today I want to talk about RA: Radical Appreciation. Or "RA" as in the sunlight that emanates from your hear when you notice something that is going well for you. Or "RA" as in "ra ra ra", like…

Ajai Alai: Victory, Radiance, and Power

Greetings Radiant Reader, I recorded a new(ish) version of "Ajai Alai" the other day. This mantra is for VICTORY, RADIANCE, and POWER.

Most of the longer mantras I do are from a hymn (called "bani") called Japji Sahib (Nirankaar…

Mantra with Children

Good Evening Friend, Being a mantra artist with children is a wild ride. For those of you who don't already know, I am the mother of two adorable boys--ages 2 and 5. 

One of the comments I get a lot…

Kindness Looks Amazing On You

Greetings! I was at the Phoenix Children's Museum today with my boys. The one room they really wanted to hang out in the most was the under 3 year old room, where my 5 year old has to stay in…


Greetings Enchanted Entity, Yesterday I recorded this little ditty so I'd have a record of its evolution. I intend to perform this one very soon, so I'll post a band version when that happens. 
Hummee Hum Bhram Hum is a…

Hey, What's RIGHT?

Greetings Luminous Leader, You might be confused by my chosen title because you probably don't hear anyone going around saying: "hey there, what's right with you?"

So often people ask each other "what's wrong?" because as humans we have confused…