What is a Mantra? || Finding Harmonic Resonance with Your SELF

Sat Naam,

In my newest video I give my personal take on what a mantra is and what a mantra does.

People sometimes ask me what the difference is between a mantra and an affirmation. To me, a mantra can be in any language. The distinction between mantra and affirmation is the thought process behind it.

--Take the meaning of mantra: to entrain/tune the mind.

--Take the meaning of affirmation - the action of affirming something.

Our Universe is not taking order through our words. Our Universe speaks the language of FEELING. When our mind is "in tune" with the greater part of our self (=yoga), we feel REALLY GOOD. The Universe responds in a way that will also feel good.

Many people use affirmations as a mantra... a combination of good-feeling words repeated over and over again until the mind is taken away from petty circumstances, and in-tune with greater purpose.

So if you are repeating "Ong So Hung" again and again and it sends you into bliss, that is what I would call effective use of a mantra.

If you are repeating "I am love" over and over again, and it sends you into bliss, that is also an effective use of mantra.

On the other hand, if you are staring at a disappointing bank statement, affirming angrily to yourself "I am rich. I am rich." That is not effective use of a mantra. You cannot mask your feelings with empty words.

The Universe FEELS you.

You feel me?

So say things that are easy to BELIEVE. 

That is one of the reasons it is easier for most people to use a mantra in another language.

Watch the video for more mantra talk:


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