Peace Fest AZ

Wind Spirit Community, 4514 Dripping Springs Road, Winkelman, AZ 85192

PeaceFest AZ is an intimate, annual gathering aligned with the Autumnal Equinox, International Day of Peace and Earthdance Global Celebration.

Join our Prayer for Peace in this all inclusive 3-night retreat at the beautiful Wind Spirit Community, with breakfast, lunch and dinner together as family.

• Ceremony • Dancing • Tree Planting • Yoga • Breathwork • Community Meals • Sauna • Campfire Jams • Men's + Women's Circles • and More!

Sensitive Superhero Workshop

Aumbase, 2115 West State Rte 89A, #201, Sedona, AZ 86336

Empaths, highly-sensitive people, and emotional wrecks are invited to this 2.5 hour workshop with kirtan artist and teacher Sirgun Kaur. We will discuss what it means to have well-tune emotional guidance, and what our emotions are actually telling us (you may be surprised!). We will identify, discuss, and journal about the belief systems that cause our negative emotions, and how to mitigate the intensity of those beliefs (and increase the intensity of beneficial/empowering ones). Expect some deep introspection, new perspectives, some light kundalini yoga, and an uplifting chant sing-a-long.

$30 pre-event $35 at door

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